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Unlike traditional search engines that return a list of links, ChatGPT and other conversational AI platforms can understand and respond to complex queries in a more human-like manner. Aware that the public is increasingly turning to these platforms for their searches, Google has made significant announcements about the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) into their products. These new AI features create broad implications for businesses and marketers. Success will require maintaining an up-to-date understanding of what the new features can do and how they are being used. 

In addition to releasing a new Google Ads API, Google has embedded new AI features more deeply into its services. Six new PMax features were rolled out in April alone: 

  • Customer Value Mode to help acquire high-value customers 
  • Customer Retention Goal to reduce attrition rates 
  • Detailed Demographics 
  • Budget Pacing Insights 
  • Account-Level IP Address Exclusions to reduce waste 
  • Final URL Expansion (still in an experimental phase)

Gemini, Google’s advanced AI system, is designed to improve ad performance and creativity, offering marketers tools to create more engaging and effective campaigns. Among them: 

  • Generative AI capabilities that promise to accelerate creative production speeds. 
  • Options for advertisers to incorporate brand fonts, colors and imagery. 
  • Image editing features. 
  • The ability to automatically showcase product feeds in AI-generated creative assets. 

What Marketers Need to Know

This shift promises to make the Google search engines more intuitive so that results align more closely with user intent. For marketers, taking advantage of these new AI features will mean optimizing copy for conversational AI and focusing on delivering engaging, informative content that aligns with AI-driven search behaviors. Try these four ways to make that happen:

  • Personalize Marketing: Focus on creating tailored content that resonates with individual users. 
  • Embed Enhanced Search Strategies: Prioritize high-quality, contextually relevant content that aligns with the AI’s ability to understand and predict user intent.  
  • Boost Campaign Creativity: Experiment with more dynamic and engaging ad formats to determine which help you make the most of the new capabilities, create the most agile marketing strategies, and adapt quickly to audience preferences and behaviors. Master new features and tools as they emerge. 
  • Monitor and Adjust: Use ad tracking software to analyze what’s working in your campaigns, then use what you discover to improve engagement and drive conversions.

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