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Maximize the effectiveness of paid marketing campaigns with automated monitoring and timely customized alerts.

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Campaign Triage Dashboard

Campaign Triage

Take the guesswork out of campaign analysis. Using a combination of two metrics and their averages, you can now quickly determine the ads or campaigns that need immediate attention, and the specific metrics need to be improved. Check performance at all hierarchies of your marketing campaign and get as granular as you want.

Have specific benchmarks you want to hit? Create your own benchmarks for any metric and compare performance to it across your campaigns.

Campaign Explore

Need to dig further into the root cause of a campaign or ad not performing well? Use the Explore workbench to find trends, parse through change logs, and even drill down to the finest level of component. Analyze a custom group of campaigns or ads together.

Record changes you have made so you can then refer back to what may have caused the performance change. You can even create campaign trackers from here in one click!

Campaign Exploration Dashboard
Editing Campaign Tracker

Campaign Tracker

When you want to keep a close eye on specific campaigns or ads, you can track their metrics on an hourly/daily/weekly/monthly level. Choose to be notified when the metrics cross a threshold or by a percent change. Don’t know what a good threshold is? Not to worry, we have you covered.

Pick from your campaign average, your account average, or even a benchmark you have set for yourself. Get notified by email or via Slack when your campaign tracker triggers.


accelerate success

Accelerate Success

increase visibility

Increase Visibility

eliminate overspending

Eliminate Overspending

Improve Data Specificity

Improve Data Specificity

Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity


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