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Brand Story

Every superhero has an origin story. Here’s ours: 

Sitting at his desk working late yet again, Bay Leaf Digital Founder and CEO Abhi Jadhav came to a conclusion: After more than 15 years in marketing, he’d had enough of running standardized reports on campaign performance. Abhi knew he needed the reports to determine which campaigns required optimizations, but poring over them each week took hours. He hated it. Besides, most of his campaigns were going well and he had other, more pressing things to do. Why was he wasting his precious time looking at the same reports over and over, only to analyze the data and conclude that no action was required? That’s when Amplytics was born. 

Amplytics is the intelligent platform that transforms advertising channel performance tracking for agency and in-house marketing teams.  

Made by marketing pros for marketing pros at all levels of experience and tech ability, Amplytics alleviates the burden of running frequent reports by maintaining a constant connection to active campaigns and alerting you to those that require action – no reports required! By automatically monitoring user-defined metrics, flagging those that rise above or fall below custom thresholds, and sending daily status updates via email or Slack, Amplytics makes a once time-consuming process more convenient and productive than ever before.   

Brand Values

Meeting current industry expectations isn’t enough for us. We’re committed to defining them.


The Amplytics team regularly adopts and incorporates the latest technology and cutting-edge AI into our state-of-the-art marketing insights platform.


Excellence is the standard in everything we do. We are committed to delivering the highest quality and performance.


Information drives change and creates success. We regularly use data-driven insights to optimize Amplytics and improve UX.

Meet the Team

Abhi Jadhav​

Abhi Jadhav


Jeevan Gupta​

Jeevan Gupta

Senior Software Engineer

Ashley Monismith

Ashley Monismith

Fractional CMO

Vipin Uniyal​

Vipin Uniyal

Software Engineer

Kara Wild​

Kara Wild

Growth Marketer

Naguesh Porob​

Naguesh Porob

Senior Software Engineer

Navneet Kashyap

Navneet Kashyap

WordPress Developer

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