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Amplytics integrates business intelligence and data analytics into one visual dashboard. You can integrate multiple data sets into one software to get a fully holistic view of your SaaS marketing efforts. Amplytics integrates with Google Ads, HubSpot, LinkedIn, Facebook, and many other marketing software.

Amplytics is a marketing insights tool built for SaaS marketers. The goal of Amplytics is to democratize insights so marketers can spend more time on improving marketing performance and less time on analyzing marketing performance data. A key goal Amplytics has accomplished is to build accurate marketing funnel data across all marketing channels in a way that can be segmented in seconds to learn what is working and what needs to be improved upon. This marketing funnel metrics that are handily available to marketers include key metrics including cost per visit, cost per lead, visit conversion rate, lead conversion rate, cost and conversion rate at the MQL and SQL levels.
Here are five things you should know about Amplytics as your SaaS marketing analytics tool:
1. The tool is free to use. We aim to democratize insights. So we are removing barriers to access.
2. Currently supports Hubspot as the backend for lead data
3. Amplytics connects to Google Analytics, LinkedIn, Google Ads, Facebook, Capterra/getApp, Bing, AdRoll to acquire traffic data
4. Supports upload of impressions, visits, and other data for third party platforms through a Google Sheets integration
5. Allows trending, comparison, and grouping of data in a way that makes marketers’ job of finding insights very easy