The 9 Most Important LinkedIn Metrics to Measure Ad Performance

Linkedin metrics to measure

One of the ways that experienced marketers differentiate themselves from less-skilled professionals is by demonstrating their value. Metrics provide marketers with data that they can use to quantify the effectiveness of their ad campaigns, strategically optimize their efforts for better results, and share the reasoning behind their decisions with colleagues and clients. We’ve got clear […]

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page

How to optimize your linkedin company page

Building and maintaining a strong online presence is crucial for businesses seeking to cultivate brand awareness and generate leads. Learning to leverage LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking platform, plays a pivotal role. With over 700 million users, LinkedIn offers unparalleled opportunities for companies to connect with potential clients, employees, and industry peers. However, simply […]

12 Tips to Create Great LinkedIn Ads

great LinkedIn ads

Since its launch more than 20 years ago, LinkedIn has emerged as a premier social media platform for professionals and businesses. It offers a unique marketing opportunity, but only if you know how to create great LinkedIn ads. Consider some stats: There are many reasons why great LinkedIn ads should be part of your company’s […]

How to Set Up a LinkedIn Single Image Ad Campaign

linkedin single image ad

What is the Benefit of a Single Image Ad on LinkedIn?  Harnessing the power of LinkedIn’s advertising platform is a strategic move for digital marketers targeting a professional audience. A LinkedIn single image ad campaign is an especially effective way to go about it, and one that offers several key advantages:  In this post, the […]

How to Maximize LinkedIn Ad Spend to Boost Marketing Impact

linkedin ad spend

LinkedIn boasts more than 950 million members in 200 countries and regions, 80% of whom drive business decisions, but social media’s professional networking giant is more than a networking site. It’s also a robust platform for advertising that offers a suite of ad formats and targeting tools to help you reach a highly professional audience […]