Google Ads Benchmarks for Your Marketing Campaigns

Google Ads Benchmarks

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising operates on a straightforward principle: advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked, driving traffic to websites by purchasing visits rather than organically earning them. PPC works so well that 79% of marketers say the strategy is vital to their plans. An emphasis on Google Ads in which you bid […]

How to Set Up a LinkedIn Single Image Ad Campaign

linkedin single image ad

What is the Benefit of a Single Image Ad on LinkedIn?  Harnessing the power of LinkedIn’s advertising platform is a strategic move for digital marketers targeting a professional audience. A LinkedIn single image ad campaign is an especially effective way to go about it, and one that offers several key advantages:  In this post, the […]

4 Rules for Building a Great Web Analytics Metric

analytics metric

Let me begin by telling you a story about shark attacks. The summer of 2001 was christened the “summer of the shark” by Time Magazine because the focus was on shark attacks that year. This story was then picked up and further propagated by other news channels. Before we knew it, the story of the […]