Google Analytics Parameter Reference Guide

With the official Google Analytics parameter reference being not the easiest to peruse, I’ve always wondered how many Google Analytics query string parameters there really were. While auditing, there is a small set of parameters that we refer to on a regular basis.  You know the tid (Tracking ID), t (hit), and what not. When we created Amplytics, we eventually did a full review of all the parameters Google Analytics uses.  And we were shocked – 509 parameters after including the Enhanced E-Commerce ones!

Of those 509, 400 are custom dimension and custom metric parameters.  But still, we’re talking about 109 parameters to wade through if you’re going to do an audit.

Because Amplytics needs a full list of Universal Analytics query string parameters, we started looking at these with a magnifying glass, and we realized that there are about 50 parameters that we really use and truly care about as web analysts. 

So we decided to make it a little easier for our web analyst community to wade through by re-organizing and publishing the list of most important Google Analytics parameters. 

We hope you find this list as easy and handy to use as we do.

Publish the list of parameters from the Universal tab of the Google reference file found on subversion: reference docs\Google Analytics

The list should be published in two parts. The first part will be the ‘primary’ set. The list needs to be readable by search engines, so it cannot be an image.  I couldn’t figure out how to create a table using themify – hopefully you know.

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